Westside Christian College

In January 2021, Aspire Social Enterprise completed AV upgrades to both the Secondary and Primary Campuses at Westside Christian College.



These solutions featured Maxell Australia projectors, MAXHUB IFP Displays, Kramer Electronics Australia Speakers and Interconnects, Jed Micro Pty Ltd Controllers and Elite Screens Inc. Motorised Projection Screens.


Our heart as a #socialenterprise is to utilise large opportunities such as this to drive #employment initiatives; as a direct result of this engagement we were able to welcome Chris onto the Aspire team (you can see this beast of a man at the start of the video). He spent 106 hours on the tools for this job, during which we used this precious time to chat about the ups and downs of life, and work through challenges. I am so grateful to this wonderful school for entrusting Aspire with such a critical element to modern-day #teaching.


\Thank you must go out to Chris Goralski and Luke from Westside Christian College, Kellie PriceJohn FatourosSanto Pappalardo and the team from AVA Distribution, Mark Lazare and Shanelle StokesEric Steyn, and the many others who helped make this happen.

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