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As a not-for-profit, we provide services and initiatives to support people in Moreton Bay to find hope through meaningful work and purposeful activities.

Our Foundation Partners

Our Services

Aspire provides four service areas which we believe are critical to improving employment outcomes for both organisations and individuals.   By utilising these services, you are helping fund our core business and support our mission in the Moreton Bay Region.


We design, supply and install technology solutions for schools, business, retail and government.

PD / Training.

We can provide bespoke training and mentorship programs to suit your organisational needs.


We provide individual and group counselling, along with Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) and Equine Assisted Counselling.


Our fitness solutions are tailored to organisations and individuals to promote healthy lifestyle choices.

Our Initiatives

Aspire provides initiatives targeting our mission of helping individuals on their journey of discovery around the development of their own personal aspirations.  Currently Aspire is providing SchoolFit and Preventure targeting high school aged students as a preventative measure and to keep these students engaged in the education system.  In the future, we will announce more initiatives targeting both school-aged youth and other vulnerable demographics in Moreton Bay.


In 2021, Aspire launched our SchoolFit pilot program at Morayfield State High School, targeting year 7 students who were deemed at risk of disengagement. Feedback was amazing, with the pilot being hugely successful

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Preventure is an evidence-based program that uses personality targeted interventions to promote mental health and improve decision making in high school aged youth.

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About Us

Aspire Social Enterprise was co-founded by James Brockhurst and Mark Cooper in 2020, with an outlook of improving employment outcomes in the Moreton Bay Region.

The heart of Aspire is to create a safe environment for individuals to find meaningful work or undertake purposeful activities to undertake a journey of discovery around their own personal aspirations.

Our goal is to create 1 million hours of positive engagement by the end of 2031.  We do this through employment, volunteering and through the rollout of programs targeting our mission in Moreton Bay.  Our current count sits at:

Hours of Engagement as of April 30, 2022

Our Team

James Brockhurst

PD & Training Service Coordinator

Mark Cooper

Technology Service Coordinator

Fiona Hasson

Counselling Service Coordinator Senior Counsellor

Chris Brockhurst

Fitness Service Coordinator
Personal Trainer

Josiah Profile

Josiah Plummer

Customer Relationship Representative


Pauline Ford


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